Hardcore / Viking/Folk Metal / NA / Bulgaria
New split cd is coming up in 2011 with the bands Eden Demise (Greece) and Wild By Heart (Russia)!!!!! New song - Redound is a beatdown/hardcore band from Sofia, Bulgaria. The band was found in 2003 under the name ENVY, but in 2008 they decided to change the name to Redound. The members are Sasho and Ivan - vocals, Angel - guitar, Vanyo - bass and Alex - drums. In 2007 they released a demo with 4 songs and a split CD with Bloodstained from Poland and Crawling Ground from France. In May 2009 the debut album Upon You was out with 11 tracks in bulgarian, but also in english. In June 2009 the band has signed with Spook Records and you can find and order the album's english version from their catalogue.